The World of Bosses
Until this morning I lived in a world where I imagined that one day I would not have to submit myself to the demands of a boss. I figured that I would rise in the ranks of a corporation or start a business of my own. Then the rules and demands would be mine to make.

I think I owe this delusional state to my parents who provided the illusionary environment where "You can be anything you want to be if you set your mind to it."

This morning I was freed. My mind revolted against this idea when I saw a top director at my workplace being put in "his place" by a more senior top director. The revelation was elegantly simple and I have accepted it as an infallible truth.

The reality of humanity in 2009 is that we all have a boss.

I am sure that you disagree and can think of situations where a person has no boss. Well I did the same thing and found that with only a single exception that can never apply to me, everyone reports to someone.

Case 1: Movie - Office Space
While Peter in found some temporary solace in his hypnotic state, it was a short term solution and eventually he had to deal with the reality of a world with bosses in it.

Case 2: Average Breakers of the Law
Those who choose to break the law then must either flee or deal with the consequences. Either way, they are limited in what their choices are and are never really free. Also they will have to deal with whatever morally binding rules they believe in. If they don't get caught it is only because they assimilate with society and live a life with bosses.

Case 3: Super Drug Lords
Drug Lords might just shoot anyone who they dislike, but they have to sell their product. If you sell anything you need someone else's approval and they are your boss.

Case 4: President of the US
George W. sure as hell tried to do what he wanted, but he has to deal with Congress and a whole bunch of Angry Americans. Oh and Cheney.

Case 5: Old Ladies
Ok... they don't have a boss. They do whatever the fuck they want and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. What, are you going to stop an old lady from cutting you at the supermarket line? Are you going to argue with your grandma? However, like I said earlier... I can never be an old lady.

Case 6: Bill Gates
Mrs. Gates

So, for me, I am going to accept that I will always have a boss.

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