I Can Draw!
Ear Phones

Maxell looks like llaxew upside down.

While I consider myself to be an artistic person, I hardly think of myself as a true artist. Still, once in a while I like to draw random shit. I find that it is relaxing and somewhat mind numbing.

As I sit and watch 43 Windows Updates apply to old machines, it is nice to let my mind wander and waste some ink.

I have posted a few of the drawings that I have made so that you can see the level of talent I have and judge for yourself. Certainly nothing special, but I think there is a decent likeness to the objects I was trying to recreate.


Do you hear? The Alpha... and the Omega... death and rebirth... and as you die, so will I be reborn!

I was actually a bit surprised to see the earphones come out as well as they did. You can see parts of it look like the strokes had much more confidence than others. I definitely felt like I was out of alignment with a few of those lines. In the end I like how it came out.

To me, the interesting thing is I never know what I am going to draw before I start drawing it. I usually start doodling and then just go with whatever I have put down on the paper. Nine out of ten times, it is just a crappy little doodle. Still, once in a while I do see something start to take shape, and I'll just go with it. It isn't until I am almost done that I usually think about what I've been up to and at that point I'm generally happy with the results.

Not Sure

I'm not sure exactly what I drew here.

I used to have a drawing tablet attached to my computer and would draw on that. But I found that everything I would draw felt fake. Digital lines made of pixels are pretty much what I stare at all day every day. The break from that to a yellow pad of paper with blue and red lines seems so much more... real.

So now you know that I can draw. Perhaps you think I draw well, so so, or poorly. It is what it is... So do you ever draw things around you? Do your doodles ever become anything more than scribbles and circles?

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