Comcast Hates NIN
NIN Vs. Comcast

Watch out, I hear Comcast has been training with Sagat and has a nasty Tiger Uppercut.

Recently 400+GB of HD video was taken from three separate Nine Inch Nail concerts. The film is raw footage being offered for free to the fans of NIN. Unfortunately Comcast users are not allowed to download all of the footage. While hard drives have increased in size and can hold upwards of 1500GB of data, network bandwidth from greedy corporations (Comcast) has decreased in size to 250GB per month. More than 250GB of data transfer would be considered excessive. Comcast argues that their established limitation is fair and uses statistics to try and fool their customers into thinking that the limit is truly excessive. To reach 250GB in a month, for example, a customer would have to do any of the following: What Comcast omitted from the list is the number of HD movies that can be downloaded. In a twisted reversal, they boldly advertise about how great their HD content is and that you should sign up for their television service. Unfortunately this is the only place where they want you to view HD video. They don't want to show how limiting the internet service bandwidth restrictions are. Their chart would be more complete if they added the following item to the list: Ten HD movies per person per month is restrictive, when it is put into perspective for a family, it becomes ridiculous. A family of four only gets 2.5 movies per person. Nine Inch Nails fans are simply out of luck. It is just too much HD content for one month. In a family situation things would become terribly frustrating. If a responsible Comcast customer chose to only download one of the three concerts in a month, the rest of the family would be drastically limited in what they were able to do online for the rest of the month. I have come to the conclusion that Comcast hates Nine Inch Nails and NIN fans, while they limit themselves to simply disrespecting their average customers. I offer an easy solution to Comcast. Get rid of the limit or offer a price per GB when a customer exceeds 250GB. Feel free to further discuss this in the forums.